Jerry then.

Jerry likes to make things. He’s really good at it. He makes clothes for big kids, little kids and even dogs.

He ate all his vegetables and worked very hard, and earned a degree in apparel design. He made bridal gowns, leather jackets, outdoor apparel, heated workwear, Halloween costumes, and even dog outfits. He was the lead designer at Outdoor Research for many years, and won many major awards for his designs. 

When his boy Quinn came along, Jerry had a special mission–to create an awesome vest for his little son. It had to look cool and have extra pockets for a toy, a snack, a diaper, a wiper, or any treasure Quinn might pick up along the way. The design proved to be so useful and fun that it led to the J-stitch line of kids’ adventure clothing.

Jerry’s design studio is on a tiny island in Puget Sound. He finds inspiration while hiking with his dogs, staring out the window at a view of Mount Rainier, or going around on a paddleboard. He has two handsome boys, two even handsomer dogs, and is married to a bestselling author. He’s also the proprietor of Point White Guest House.

Things Jerry likes: kids, dogs, seeing the world, welding stuff, romance novels, making blueberry pancakes, riding his bike, roasting his own coffee beans.

Things Jerry doesn’t like: undercooked bacon, folding fitted sheets, whining, lumpy mashed potatoes, pollution, being stuck indoors, waiting in line, not enough pockets to put your stuff.